Tech-Arts Festival will be the first theater festival planned and launched by INSIDE-OUT THEATER.

a number salon 2


Salon: The Anxiety of Looking into the Mirror

If we make a bold assumption that cloning is ethically accepted and legally recognized and has its market, who will become its customers?

“Cloning is bound to bring generational confusion, and will also arouse the problem of whom the cloned individuals belong to.” How to define ourselves?


Salon: We Are All Going to Die of Cell Phones in the End

It’s a cool script. Without only ending up discussing the changes in technology and focusing on the cold impact between man and technology, it warmly explores whether cell phones will become a continuation of data after human death?

Cell Phone Activity
frogman 5


Workshop: VR Drama Editor & Creator

Listen to Director’s speech on VR drama: Understand the past and present of VR technology

Try VR video creation: Discuss the significance of VR technology together

Look for the possibility of creation: From technology to art


Salon: Boundaries and Broadening – Technologies in the Artists’ Eyes

Prophet McLuhan wrote in his book Understanding Mediain the 1960s: “We are rapidly approaching the last phase of human beings’ extension, namely that of technological simulation of consciousness…

A Number 2
Pinocchio workshop4


Teenagers’ Theatre Workshop: Pinocchio’s Gearbox

The artist from German Manufaktortroupe will introduce the operation principle of puppets in Pinocchio 2.0 and the creativity of new technologies in the workshop. To use simple introductory exercises to provide participants with a programming experience and establish links between abstract program inputs and flashing LED.