8.31 – 9.02

A Number


Written by England playwright Carol Churchill; exploring the significance of cloning technology to man and the spiritual dilemmas of man itself; produced by INSIDE-OUT THEATER.



9.20 – 9.23

Dead Man’s Cell Phone


Written by American playwright Sarah Ruhl;

This is a work about how to commemorate the deceased or a work that impresses how death changes us. It explores the subtle boundaries between life and death from a sharp and humorous perspective.



9.27 – 10.02



Performedby British Explorer troupe;

Close-range 360-degree stage feeling & viewing angle; VR technology; really powerful live experience.



10.13 – 10.14

A La Luna


A spanish multimedia creative theatre work, produced by Voilà studio,
chinese version co-produced by Shanghai Children’s Art Theatre and Inside-Out Theatre.



10.18 – 10.21



Performed by Irish Malaproptroupe

Direct discussion on the existence and boundaries of the relationship between man and intelligence;

A subversive love story with great contradictory impact and black humor.



10.23 – 10.24

Pinocchio 2.0


Performedby German Manufaktortroupe

A unique and highly technological puppetry, causing people to think deeply about whether man is the creator? How do creatures and their creators get along?




07.29 David Bowie Is Happening Now

08.05 Katsushika Hokusai: Old Man Crazy to Paint

08.12 NT LIVE: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

08.19 RSC LIVE: The Tempest

09.02 NT LIVE: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

09.03 The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time


08.25 Salon:TheAnxiety of Looking into the Mirror, Noon Tavern

09.16 Salon: We Are All Going to Die of Cell Phones in the End, 5Lmeet

09.28 Workshop: Application of “VR Technology” in Cheaters, 706 Youth Space

10.13 Salon: Boundaries and Broadening:Technologies in the Artists’ Eyes

10.20 Workshop: Robot Theatre “Pinocchio’s Gearbox”