Still Barking

Written by Chinese young playwright Xuanyi Hu; exploring the change of family relationship when technology is always standing between us; produced by INSIDE-OUT THEATER.

Date of performance

05.09-08.09 2019


A nanny lives alone, her husband died years ago, her children all lives somewhere else. As a way of communication, a webcam is installed in her room by her children. This artificial eye is an everlasting substitute to her children’s accompany. Through this eye, they could talk to her whenever they want, they could also check on her physical or mental conditions if they like. As she is aware of her children not really being here, gradually the nanny adopted a performing skill before the camera.

But loneliness is still the elephant in the room, she could feel it at every corner of her house. With just a camera invaded, this place that she devoted all her life to feel more like a prison than to a home. She now remembered that her husband’s death was also a consequence of trying to escape from this prison of home, this time it’s her turn to break the wall…or a camera.


The novel visual presentation and the resonance brought by the story are beyond my expectations. I exchanged a lot of feelings with my parents after we watched it. After I watched it, I appreciate the title of the play which I don't have a clue initially. It's a marvelous work.


My favorite scene is when the mother and daughter talk on the internet. The daughter takes on and off her male costumes before the camera, afraid of nothing. At this moment, we could foresee the repeated fate shared by the mother and her daughter. With a family tragedy like this, how could every member continue their own life?


You think it's a device for caring, but I could only feel it inhuman. Separated by screens, it doesn’t matter who says what, also we couldn’t discern acting from true feeling. I am trapped in this side of the world, but you could continue your act without any concern.