Pinocchio 2.0

Performed by German group Manufaktor;

A unique and highly technological puppetry, causing people to think deeply about whether man is the creator? How do creatures and their creators get along?


Date of performance

10.23 – 10.24 2018


Science geek Geppetto is crazy about studying AI, whose results have been applied into war robot making. In 2084, war robots have turned against their makers. Then Pinocchio 2.0 is born.

All kinds of machines, puppets and new technologies appear on the stage. The whole performance switches back and forth between traditional puppet animation and remote control screen. The characters in the original version are put into the future time and space. Then Blue Fairy appears on a flying mini-UAV, and crickets, foxes and cats have become robots, bringing a new look approach to the construction of sci-fi scenes.

This dystopian exploration focuses on the relationship among AI, robotics technology and human nature.

Pinocchio 2

It adapts the classics with technological visual changes to bring children an enlightenment.


A classic fairy tale facing the future.