Performed by irish groupMalaprop

Direct discussion on the existence and boundaries of the relationship between man and intelligence;

A subversive love story with great contradictory impact and black humor.


Date of performance

10.18 – 10.21 2018


The story about everyday life of a woman with her intelligent robot. They clean, cook, chat, and laugh together… These details of everyday life make people reflect on whether there could be love and romance between man and robot. Talking about AI is always a little futuristic, but this work tells us that such a life is not far away from us indeed.


Then, how should we consider the necessary relationship between man and intelligence? What interactions can be produced between loving and being loved, human nature and intelligence and between them?

love+ 7

The sense of science and technology is permeated with humanistic concern. The dialogue between the two performers is in good rhythm, full of information and involved with very interesting questions.


This drama has produced a great impact on the seemingly technological and convenient life. Sometimes what we need is not a sense of safety, but a sense of reality.


Terse and forceful, relaxed and happy, and humorous.