Directed by Chinese playwright Qi He, a multimedia monodrama; questioning the everlasting problem of communicating difficulty in the age of social media; produced by INSIDE-OUT THEATER.

Date of performance

06.09-15.09 2019


JPEG consists of six scenes of social life, at whose core lay a big question: How will we deal with the eternal plight of communication incompetence in the future? Did the scientific development and ever-emerging new forms of media solve or add to the problem? The protagonist ‘counterpart’ never stopped trying to interact with people and establish relationships… The harder she tries, the more frustrated she is. Communication problem has always been there since the dawn of human.

More often media is a scapegoat of our dark desires. The cellphone we ‘depended on to survive’ is kind of a monster detector: all unspeakable desires were set free when we diving into the dark web. However, we still need to find an efficient and meaningful way to talk to each other.


It's fresh and funny, the performance of the actress is just great. Several stories were connected by one common feeling, our frustration with mobile phones. Without proper communication, people will go further and further from each other.


In a fast-paced internet age, people are exhausted to keep up with the times. It's easy to recognize yourself in this play as there are so many problems shared by contemporaries.


Human is born alone and always lonely, but we will never stop trying to communicate. Everyone is Sisyphus in the battle against loneliness.