Performed by Curious Directive;

Close-range 360-degree stage feeling & viewing angle; VR technology; really powerful live experience.


Performance Time

09.27 – 10.02 2018


It breaks through the shackles of time through technological means to solve the mystery of the murder. VR video leads the audience to shuttle back to that summer in Australia in 1995. Mira Clark, already a scientist in coral reef, was suddenly notified to assist the police to investigate a murder that happened over 20 years ago because her father, a police diver, was accused of being a suspect in this case… This work has both simple conception and far-reaching significance. By virtue of the integration of VR high-tech elements, it not only intends to discuss a suspense case, but also to explore the modes of drama creation for “Tech & Art Theaters”.

frogman 2

It is a very interesting workshop, and also an interesting drama. A breakthrough in the content and structure of VR + dramas has alleviated the discomfort from VR and extended the time and space of the stage.


A really modern work that brings back the novelty and pleasure of entering the theater.


Selecting technology as an entry point is highly commendable, opening up a pretty good thinking space for the audience.