Dead Man’s Cell Phone

Written by American playwright Sarah Ruhl;

This is a work about how to commemorate the deceased or a work that impresses how death changes us. It explores the subtle boundaries between life and death from a sharp and humorous perspective.


Date of performance

09.20 – 09.23 2018


We often think: After death, what will happen to our Alipay / WeChat / micro-blog / MOMO/ …?


The information left in the cell phone has gradually become everyone’s life file after death. Theoretically, the living only needs a string of passwords to open the “cell phone of the dead” and decode any slice of life of such deceased soul.


Nowadays, cell phone has become the “plug-in organ” of contemporary people. Sarah Ruhl, an American playwright, wrote in Dead Man’s Cell Phone: “you will never walk alone, right.

Because you always have a machine that may ring at any time in your trouser pocket.” With its great wisdom, man makes this society of science and technology change fast, creating omnipotent smart cell phones. Meanwhile, we are also being dominated by this extra “organ” created by man itself in terms of communication, payment, social contact, games, OA…


Except for creation, man is also good at introspection: Will technological development make people connect more closely or alienate increasingly?

Cell Phone 2

The stage has been minimized and symbolized to dilute conflicts of drama.


Put down your cell phone to see faith.


Various kinds of techniques and imagination really make theatrics particularly brilliant, and all characteristic theatrical performances are also interesting.