BlackCatfish Musketeer

Performed by Irish group Malaprop Theatre; exploring the wired situation where people only feel comfortable communicating through screens. A three-handed story in which one actor plays the internet.

Date of performance

13.09-15.09 2019


It is about people getting to know each other through screens, and the presentation of old themes in new situations – a low-tech show about high-tech things. It’s about trust, doubt, closeness at a distance, and being worried you’ll die alone and cats will eat you. The show doesn’t look like the internet, it feels like it.

It’s about meeting someone online, and all you know is their name and that they seem to like you as much as you like them. It’s about people thinking love each other. But do they? Can they? What is love, anyway?

It has a particular resonance with anyone who has conducted any relationship by a means of communication that is not face-to-face.

“Intricate, witty, smart and sweet new take on the romantic comedy” Natasha Tripney, Theatre Editor at The Stage


“Suitable for lactose intolerances: Dylan Coburn Gray’s new romcom about online dating is sharp, satisfying and utterly cheese free.”Alice Saville, editor at Exeunt Magazine


“The play is most interesting in what it achieves with its smart dialogue.” TN2magazine