A Number

Written by England playwright Carol Churchill; exploring the significance of cloning technology to man and the spiritual dilemmas of man itself; produced by INSIDE-OUT THEATER.


Date of performance

08.31 – 09.02 2018


Son grew up with the thought that he was the only child in his family until he accidentally found that he was actually one of several cloned sons. As Father and Son got into a stalemate, there appear more and more truths: Father’s natural son did not die, and Son also knew that Father had abandoned his natural son and cloned others.


Why did Father clone his sons? What impact did cloned sons have on the growth and self-identity of Father’s naturalone?How to define the identity and dignity of clone men? In the context of continuous development of technologies, man is constantly facing new challenges. One of the fundamental problems is “how to define itself?” What channels can we find identity and even build ourselves?


It is a rare work that focuses on anxiety behind the development of technologies. More valuably, removing cloning technology, it can still be regarded as a work that selects a special way to explore the relationship between two generations.


Simple and calm.


Returning to realistic thinking after going deep into science through drama makes people really feel the connection between drama and life.