Inside-Out Art Zone

The construction of the building is only a small element for reading a city’s culture space. The most attractive part is how the architecture exists in it. Inside-Out Art Zone is designed to be a cultural and creative park in the area of western hills and it hopes to attract lot of professionals from arts and design industry. In the Inside-Out Art Zone, we have an art museum, a theatre, an artistic cinema for people to feel the cultural atmosphere. Besides, we also have other supporting facilities such as restaurants, café and private club. All the spaces and facilities made the Inside-Out Art Zone become a landmark in the cultural and creative industry, you can either watching a good theatre show or visiting an exhibition in here. Besides, you also can relax yourself by enjoying a good coffee and watching the beautiful sunset of western hills. All the scenes are the best visions that we can imagine for the Inside-Out Art Zone.

Inside-Out Theatre

Inside-Out Theatre is one of the most important section of Inside-Out Art Zone. It is the first private-own theatre in the west area of Beijing. It was opened at the end of November 2012. It was rebuild on the construction of an old factory. It has 436 seats and equipped with picture-frame stage. The proscenium is 16 meters deep and the stage is 12 meters wide and 8 meters high. Meanwhile, a rehearsal room and a multi-function room are configured in the theatre, being appropriate for small stage play, opera, concert and other art performances. Inside-Out Theatre is devoting to offer stage for various kind of art performances to provide comfortable experience for audiences and free communication space for artists. In the past 2018, Inside-Out Theatre has planned our own Theater Festival, the Art-Tech Festival, which aimed at initiating discussions on how technology affects our lives through theatre. In the future, Inside Out Theatre is hopping to bring more creative works of theatre.

Inside-Out Cinema

There are 6 screens and 615 seats in the Inside-Out Cinema which equipped with Barco Digital Projector, QSC Acoustic Reduction System. Except the showing of commercial movies, we also give consideration to art movies, reserving a screening room to show art movies and classical films of tradition. The antechamber of the art screening room is available for carrying out the chamber concerts, lectures, salons and meeting of creators and movie fans. Simultaneously, Inside-Out Cinema is one of the important locations of yearly Beijing International Film Festival and New Live HD Drama Image Projection. In the meantime, the open-air square is the best place for us to develop plenty of outdoor film showings and concerts.