Tech-art Festival

In 2018, INSIDE-OUT THEATER planned, launched and organized the Theater Arts Festival themed on “Tech-Arts”. The Festival officially opened on August 31 and was ended on October 24.

What it is?

Tech-Arts Festival will be the first theater festival planned and launched by INSIDE-OUT THEATER. In this era of fast-changing technology, technology is increasingly involved in cultural development and artistic expression.

Both the amazing special effects in movies and the installation art on the stage are closely related to technologies. As the overall background of the era and the social context of artists’ thinking, technological development has a far-reaching impact on the conception of artistic creation. In more and more creation of modern art, the relationship between human and technology has become one of the increasingly important creation topics. Creators keeping think about where the relationship will go and how to express art with technology better.

We are going to
talk about

Starting from “integration of technology and theater art” and “discussion on scientific ethics in art creation”, INSIDE-OUT THEATER has invited and produced six new plays at home and abroad for this Festival, and will also plan multiple spaces for off-line lectures, salons, drama workshops, video projections and theme exhibitions.


Macroscopic stage “black technologies”, such as dynamic LED, robot arms, 3D projection, laser show, VR experience, etc. come, so will the theater performance art also enter a disruptive transformation? We will discuss the application of technologies on the stage and the recreation of theater art.


Moreover, our discussion of scientific ethics initiated through theater spaces will also become a key of Tech-Arts Festival: Where will the relationship between human and technology go?

In performances, a series of high-tech products involving cloning technology, AI, robots, etc. will appear on the stage as protagonists to enter into dialogue with man. How does man differ from highly-developed AI? Can advanced cloning technology help man break through the dilemma of self-identity? Man invents technologies, and thus will these technologies help us to be happier or to fight back against ourselves? We hope to think about scientific ethics by virtue of these works.


The integration of technology and art is a complex proposition. For this reason, Tech-Arts Festival is just aimed at initiating discussions on how technology affects our lives through the presentation of dramatic works in the space of theater and stage.